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The Italian Institute of the Quality Mark (Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità) is an independent association (IMQ Association) and non-profit organization, founded in 1951 on the initiative of the major National scientific and technical bodies of the electrical sector driven by industrialists, builders and utilities.

Following the evolution of the market and the diversification of the services provided, in 1999 the Italian Institute of the Quality Mark decided to set up IMQ S.p.A. (company head of the IMQ Group) and to entrust the latter with all its operational activities, focusing as an Association on the dissemination and promotion of the culture of safety and quality, and sharing with the S.p.A. a precise mission:

  • protection of the producer and consumer, to be obtained by providing the former with the opportunity to regulate the quality of the products placed on the market and secondly the possibility of ascertaining that this quality is present in the products purchased.
  • moralization of the market, to be achieved through the elimination of poor materials and the reduction of waste caused by poor quality and in any case not adequate materials.
  • enhancement of quality and improvement of the competitiveness of companies, to be sought through the continuous evolution of processes and technology and the encouragement of free trade. dissemination of a culture of safety and quality