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Agri-food & packaging industry

Quality, reliability and competitiveness for any issue relating to food industry, to packaging, and to materials and consumer products. IMQ Group makes available to operators its own Centre of excellence for shelf life studies, scientists and technicians having expertise in the different disciplines concerned (food science, packaging technologies, chemical analysis, sensory tests, microbiological investigations), in addition to the most modern instruments of analysis, in order to offer a high quality service.


Running within a sustainability context shall guarantee an added value to its own products and to its own company. IMQ Group shall give its customers a truly comprehensive support for the project implementation, also giving the appropriate notice of any action taken and achievement gained. The provided services shall include: certification of sustainable product features, energy efficiency measures, corporate sustainability report, carbon and water footprint, LCA, event certification, especially sporting, sustainable ones...

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Household and Professional Appliances

Functionality, energy performance and reliability of these products are very important, so as safety, quality and sustainability.To comply with the above requirements, IMQ technicians can support producers, of both domestic and professional industry, within the electrical and the gas fields.

Automotive & Transports industry

In the automotive sector, thanks to the expertise that CSI has acquired, IMQ Group stands as the most important Italian hub for testing, inspection and certification. From component testing, to full scale test of passive and active safety, up to Euro NCAP approvals and inspections, IMQ Group provides this industry its own experience and know-how gained in over 20 years. IMQ Group can give support also for testing on motorcycles and on road safety barriers.

Cables & Installation Material

A significant sector for national economy, characterized by high supply and demand, and that strongly reaffirms its presence in foreign markets over the years.

Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment

Quality and safety are concepts affecting all sectors of our society, and especially those having a direct impact on the health of citizens, such as medical devices and personal protective equipment sectors. The first sector affects different activities and types of equipment (laboratory diagnostics, radiology, dialysis, EKG machine, contact lenses) and in recent years has experienced a rapid increase in demand for even more complex and sophisticated devices. The second sector includes products such as helmets, goggles, visors, back-arms and legs protectors, x-ray protection aprons, gloves and mittens against electrical risks and, for the technologies that are being used, it is constantly growing and evolving. IMQ is able to provide different services for these sectors, necessary to examine and solve certification issues as per the national and the international reference standards.
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The field of air-conditioning is undoubtedly very sensitive to energy saving and to environmental protection. Following safety and performance, companies in this industry are playing their commercial game on performance, and as there is a lot of competition, no leading player can take the risk of reporting poor data. The possibility of consulting a qualified and constantly updated Italian laboratory – able to carry out testing as a proof of the data measured by the manufacturer in its own laboratories – represents both a real guarantee for any company, even in the event of a dispute, and also an additional sales and promotion tool versus its competitors.     


We have come a long way in the field of lighting equipment! Once the quarrel between design object rather than electrical appliance is overcome, nowadays the role of the appliances producing artificial lighting is undoubted. Light is safety, quality of life, an object that enhances the environment, respecting it. And this, thanks to the awareness of producers and "designers", who have been able to develop products that are safe and reliable, but at the same time meet the photometric, lighting and environmental requirements by the market and by the international standards. On these aspects the manufacturers play their commercial game, and on these aspects IMQ Group is able to support all interested companies.

IoT & Cyber security

Comprehensive testing of IoT devices is crucial to ensure their ability towork individually, and as a cohesive unit. IMQ offers IoT services for quality assurance, performance, security and EMC: Vulnerability assessment - Interoperability testing - EMC testing. In addition to these services, in terms of managing and protecting personal and sensitive data, IMQ provides companies with a voluntary certification scheme that attests compliancewith the requirements required by theGeneralData Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation EU/2016/679.

IMQ is the only Italian body able to provide a complete overview of ICT quality and safety issues by ensuring a logic and coherence solutions. IMQ is the only Italian company to cover the dual role of Security Assessment Laboratory (LVS) accredited by OCSI and Assessment Centre(CEVA) accredited by DIS/UCSe to carry out formal security evaluations according to Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) and internationally recognized ITSEC criteria. main services: Penetration test for software, hardware and systems - Vulnerability assessment of communication systems - Data safety and privacy - Security compliance - Formal ICT assessment.

Wood & Furniture industry

From forest certification to furniture, from mattresses to packaging: the services, that IMQ Group can provide, serve as a real support to interested companies, concerning a sector even more sensitive, not only to the problems of product quality and safety, but also of ethical production and environmental respect.

Machinery and Lifts

The safety of an elevator or a machine not only affects the product itself, but also its installation, namely the system and its correct use and maintenance. IMQ operates in these areas both as a notified body for the "machines" and "elevators" directives, and as an authorized body for periodic audits. Especially regarding elevators, IMQ is able to carry out the EC type certification of model lift and of its safety components, the issue of the approval of quality management systems by manufacturers/installers, as well as testing and periodic audits in accordance with Presidential decree 162/99. Concerning machineries, IMQ is able to issue the EC type certification for the products listed in annex IV of the machinery directive, and is also able to execute periodic audits on freight elevators and platform lifts for the disabled.

Construction Products

Issues related to security, fire risk, comfort, energy savings concerning the building and construction industry are really important, and these reasons have led the Legislator to adopt a wide-ranging regulation. Materials, technological solutions, construction methods are concerned and so manufacturers are research-driven on materials and their use. With the experience and the knowledge gained over several decades, and thanks to a team of technicians engaged in both engineering and laboratory aspects, IMQ is able to assist the industry in all the affected areas: research, testing/inspection, certification of conformity to Italian legislation, to EU directives and to "main contractors" specifications. 
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Safety and reliability: these are the key words when speaking of intruder detection systems and fire prevention systems and remote surveillance. A necessity becoming particularly important wherever installations and equipment need to work in complete autonomy, without any human presence. In these sectors with high growth potential for development, IMQ can provide services both to products – in this case, besides performance and safety marks, IMQ carries out testing in accordance with international standards – and to installations and installers, especially in the field of security systems. IMQ Group is the only Italian company able to offer a certification scheme for equipment, services, operators and industry security systems, and remote surveillance systems.

IT Security

Further to people’s safety, security (or IT security) - intended as confidentiality, integrity and computer data availability - has become a more and more critical part to protect the Company’s integrity and people’s work. Usually, it shall be taken actions of physical and procedural nature, in order to meet security requirements, but it is constantly increasing the introduction of sophisticated tools and hardware, firmware and software devices that shall be required to ensure specific levels of protection. Also considering the evolving in the legislation relevant to IT security over recent years, it is therefore very important to assess the confidence level to be placed in the security measures taken. To meet this need, IMQ Group is able to provide different IT security assessment services, based on criteria and methodologies defined and recognized at an international level.

Workplace safety and equipment

Complying with safety requirements of buildings, workplaces and workers, is not so easy. Especially against a background of recent regulatory updating, and the introduction of new requirements and new laws. This is complicated if responsibility for security is not about a single location, but about multiple subsidiaries of the same company. In order to support medium and large companies in meeting properly legislative requirements in force, and to form an immediate and full vision of the state of the art of any subsidiary of its own responsibility, IMQ Group’s companies can provide several services ranging from electrical installation and elevator audit, to work equipment audit, and also to management systems certification.

Telecommunications industry

Telecommunications industry represents an ever-changing sector, where products and solution soon become outdated versus the complexity of the technology being used and, at the same time, the regulation concerning the introduction of products on the market. In this sector, IMQ Group can be of real support for testing, assessment for the CE marking and achieving authorization for the use of equipment, devices and telecommunication and transmission systems.