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The companies in Italy

IMQ S.p.A.

IMQ is the Italian Body leader in product testing and certification, business management systems and equipment, especially in the electrical, electronic, gas and solid fuel areas. Find out more


CSI S.p.A.

CSI is a company operating in the field of research, product and management systems testing and certification, mainly effective in areas with a high standard of know-how and investments, such as automotive industry, building industry, railway and shipbuilding construction industry, transport and food industry. Find out more



Intuity S.r.l.

Founded in 2016, it is a national reference for cyber security analysis and risk assessment, characterized by a People Centric approach, which recognizes the centrality of man in the challenge for cyber security. It operates transversally in every sector of activity, both public and private, helping organizations to develop a culture of cyber security, for the benefit of the organizations themselves and the individuals who make them up.

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Minded Security S.r.l.

Founded in 2007, it represents an international reference point in the field of Software Security. Today Minded Security combines the latest security research with the most modern testing techniques to guide customers to implement the software by design security roadmap.

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